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You Gotta Know You’re Wanted Too

Have you felt so alone? That you’re not worthy of anything and everything?

Stop that thinking! You’re much wanted!

You’re never alone.

Never think it this way. You have lots, don’t focus on just one. Maybe yes it’s true, that people come and go but remember there will always someone who will stay. Someone who believes in you, saw your imperfections yet chose to stay with you and simply someone who loves you unconditionally. There were many, never hold back, just open your arms and feel that there are people who will never leave you alone. He will never ever will.

You’re worthy.

You are much worthy, you’re full of worth. You’re a special gem. Never underestimate yourself. You’re better than what you think about yourself. You’re better than any insecurities and consciousness you have. He created you with such uniqueness and no matter how other people make you feel you’re unworthy still He sees you as the most treasured gem in the whole universe and can see you’re worth. He knows and believes that you’re worthy. Think that way.

Make yourself worthy of everything, because you are.

You’re wanted.

More than anything and everything, you’re wanted. You will always be wanted. Cause everything that don’t make sense about you. It makes sense when you’re with someone who really treasure you. He want to make you feel wanted. Just call you His and hold your hand forever. He wants you, because He created you, just like Him. He will always want you.

Princess Dulaca


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