Why I Decided To Stay? A Question In Mind When You Chose Not To Quit

Challenges and trials in life are very normal. We can experience it every now and then, it is everywhere. You can experience it in your home, workplace, with your friends and even in your chosen organization, hobbies or community. It also exist within you. Yes, in you!

“Winners never quit. Quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi

Let me tell you a real life experience on how I ended up asking myself, “WHY I DECIDED TO STAY?”.

I know a girl who always strive to be successful. She will do everything for her dreams and goals even it cost her everything. This girl don’t mind about her health (staying up until late night just to meet ALL her deadlines). Most of the times she even don’t mind about her own feelings because she cares for others too much. This girl always put others first before herself, she puts her 101% in every people she care about and in every thing she loves doing. I saw her surpassed a lot of different trials in life. This girl is not even perfect but she always strive to be a better version of herself.

When a moment came that she needs to take another responsibility: another blessing from God. I can see all the excitement in her eyes. Through her smile I can see so much hope and dreams about this new challenge God has given her. The usual her, was what I saw. She is very passionate about her craft.

Yet I never knew a day would come that she will just shut down.

I saw her cry, the kind of tears I didn’t saw before. The girl is going through something that is very painful. I wonder why.

Yes I wonder why. Me, myself wonders why.

When I accepted the challenge, I know I am ready. God chose me because He knows I am ready.

But I feel like something is wrong. I feel so alone and that my efforts are all useless. That very moment I decided to shut down. I don’t want to talk to others, I want to give up my dreams, goals and even my faith. I can feel that I am very tired and hopeless. On that very moment all I want to do is just quit. I want to go, leave and find something that will make me complete. I am searching, that time I am ready to leave and let go the current situation that made me so hopeless.

Yet a single prayer changes everything. It reminds me on why I started. That prayer made me realized why I am on that kind of situation.


I started to feel that when the moment I felt alone and hopeless, God wants me to hold on tighter. When the moment I decided to shut down other people in my life, He only wants me to talk to Him. At the moment I felt that I want to give up my dreams, goals and even my faith, He wants only wants me to kneel down, pray and reflect. On the time I felt I want to go, leave and search for something that will make me complete, God just wants me to go and run to Him. He wants me to leave all my doubts and fears. God comforts me to not search for anything because He is already enough.

God embraces me with arms wide open as He welcomes me back in His arms. On that very moment I felt so happy, relieved, recharged and ready to face different challenges of life.

If you will ask me, “WHY I DECIDED TO STAY?”.

This my home. In His arms I am home, I am not alone and I will never be alone.

Princess Dulaca



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