Get Up To 30% Cash Back Using Shop Back Philippines

Shop Back Philippines is a website and application especially to make your spending more fun and wise at the same time. Why? This is because this website & phone application offers up to 30% cash back for every successful online booking you’ll make using this application.

Wondering now?

I’ll just make a short story of how I discover this awesome mobile app.

I am watching Rei’s Vlog when she introduced it on her channel. Since I am indeed a fan of online shopping and traveling. I decided to download my own phone app. It is available for both Google Play Store for Android phones and App Store for Apple users. Shop Back is even available even you’re using a laptop or a desktop because they also have a website. Very convenient, right?

I got curious about Shop Back that is why since I am going to travel next month, I decided to book using this App. In line with this, I book a hotel using Shop Back app with the help of their partner Agoda. It is indicated there that I’ll have 6% cash back from it. Yes I know it is a small amount but if you’re using online booking a lot of times, 6% when increase is indeed a steal.

As part of it, to make the story short. I had a booking confirmation from Agoda and after several hours Shop Back emailed me confirming of my 6% cash back. Wow! This is legit! I’m indeed very happy about my cash back. Imagine that, getting a very cheap hotel with the help of Agoda plus another savings because of a cash back from Shop Back. Yey! Indeed a wise steal!

I love Shop Back and I will absolutely use this on my upcoming bookings, flights, online shopping and a lot more. This is such a big help!

Download your Shop Back App now or visit their website!!!

You can click this link to start your own Shop Back experience now:

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