Visa Free Countries for Philippine Passport Holders

Processing Visa can be time consuming and even sometimes scary to some. But did you know that as Philippine passport holders we are allowed to enter 60+ visa free countries?

That’s a lot! But yes this is absolutely true!

In line with that, travelling has been the trend for the past few years now. Filipinos can now travel in so many countries.

Big thank you to different airlines who offers a lot of seat sales. Plus a lot of accommodation also offers huge sales and promos!

Talking about promos, even KLOOK offers different deals and discounts in regards with your next travel experiences.

Now let’s go back to our main topic.

The reason is visa requiring countries need a lot of documents from Filipino travelers such as filled out the application form, need to produce bank statement of account, employment certificate, hotel bookings, and sometimes flight ticket/reservations. When all the documents are presented to the countries’ embassy, they will still need to verify it which sometimes requires another 3 weeks before the traveler know if your application is granted. The processing fee is also not refundable if the application was denied.

At least right now there are countries that permits Philippine passport holders to enter their borders without visa.

ASEAN and Asian Countries Visa free for Philippine Passport Holders

Brunei Darussalam – 14 days

Cambodia – 15 days

Indonesia – 30 days

Laos – 30 days

Malaysia – 14 days

Myanmar – 14 days

Singapore – 30 days

Thailand – 30 days

Vietnam – 21 days. Single entry eVisa is valid for 30 days

Hong Kong – 14 days

Macau – 30 days

Kyrgyzstan – 30 days. On arrival.

Mongolia – 21 days

Maldives – 30 days. On arrival.

Nepal – 21 days. On arrival.

Sri Lanka – 30 days. eTA.

Taiwan – 14 days (extended until July 2020 )

Timor-Leste – 30 days. On arrival.

For the full list of countries, please check below:

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VISA-FREE – It only means that you can enter it without applying for a visa.

VISA-ON-ARRIVAL – This is granted upon the arrival to the destination country.

eVISA – This  stands for Electronic Visa and you have to apply it online.

VISA-REQUIRED – Before traveling to the destination country, you would need to go to the embassy and apply.

I hope these following details help you in planning your next trip!

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