Why Travel Changes My Life (A Reflection)

    Travel is the ultimate school. It’s learning outside the four corners of a room and allowing ourselves to expand and grow.

It imparts you so much about people, culture, nature and most of all about yourself. It open your eyes and mind to new ideas and information. Travelling gives you a lot more than what you can expect. It’s like going out and fulfilling the biggest adventure you can ever take. Travel is to live the life you dream about and to know where you truly belong.

Since I was a kid, travelling is really one of my biggest dreams in life. I have this kind of desire that I want to explore the country I live in and to visit other countries as well. Since then I always pray and strive that one day I’ll be able to go and explore. The nature gives me love and energy back into my life. Dreaming about it gives me a lot more reasons to be happy and go all-out harder. Fancying about this is just like reading my favorite books and imagining places where it happen, thinking that someday and somehow I’ll be there as well. And as I promise to myself I’ll never lose hope. I want to know more than what I can read.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That’s what I bear in mind when I had my first travel. I dare to dream and I dare to make my dream a reality. After that first time I really told to myself, it will not be last instead it will be just the beginning of a greater things ahead of me and my endeavors in life. I want to see and experience a lot more.

Until it became a reality, little by little I am reaching my goals and I am going to places I really want to visit. Through prayers and hard work I am living the dreams I only had in books and televisions before.

But yes you may ask me why do I really love this stuff,

Why travel changes my life?

Travelling gives me the freedom to be myself.

Coming up with a decision to do this and make this a reality will eventually give me a fear I’ve never felt before. I can promise you the moment I have packed my backpack and walk out our house, the fear I had will change into the greatest feeling of freedom I have ever experienced, and this fear will turn into excitement and a much wider expectations and understanding about my life and other’s life. There is nothing and nobody stopping me from doing anything that will make me happy and free.  I love to travel because it gives a sense of adventure and freedom. It allows me to get away from “normal” life, experience other cultures, to get to know places I have only seen in movies. I get to try new food and meet new people. This total freedom of being myself made me a better version of me, it made me appreciate life more and appreciate other people as well. It open my mind, heart and soul to a much broader meaning and importance of life.

It makes me appreciate present moments.

When I’m travelling, it’s all about the present-day moment. Right now, and no other time. Who knows what will happen next? Who can imagine what we’ll be seeing this time next week? It brings a marvelous immediacy to every day. I learned to let go of the past and appreciate more the present moments. To travel is to discover and create stories. It’s living to the fullest and enjoying everything that is happening.

An opportunity to meet other people.

Meeting new friends from every provinces and all over the world is the most eye opening thing you can do. It might be a little hard at first to put aside your programmed ideas, but eventually you will realize a lot of things are not the way you think they are. It will open your eyes about other’s culture, on how they live and their history.

A lot of our ideas and opinions are influenced by news reports and television shows and even if we don’t want it they form a bit part of what we think and say. Even social media plays a big role about how we gather ideas and opinions. But experiencing those are a different story, it’s a different kind of achievement in life.

Travelling make me know myself much better.

There were certain things you’d do that you have never tried before. You’ll discover your weakness and strengths. You’ll test how far you can go. Going out there alone will bring you much confidence and strength to face life’s challenges. It will make you wiser about decisions and choices of life. You’ll know the other side of you, someone you’ve never imagined you’ll ever be. So don’t be afraid to spread your wings and go on, fly away. I never imagined myself to be this deep and open about life, it’s something I learned and discover about myself.

Travel is my addiction and it gives me a purpose to share, care, laugh and capture every precious moments.

Travel is not just something I do. It’s who I am.

Princess Dulaca




  • Sabrina Andres

    Travelling gives me inner peace. I love this blog post. Continue writing with passion!?

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    Such a nice content

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    Me too! I love travelling!

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    I agree neto! ❤️

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    Super agree! I can relate.

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    Super agree, tho financially di pa kaya hahaha ipon ipon muna

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    I love your content! Keep on writing ✨

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    I wish I can be that adventurous!

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