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Then God Stepped In (Trust Him)

Then God stepped in.”

This quote form Pinterest says it all. The moment I saw this, I know God is calling me to trust Him and believe in Him.

Have you felt at a certain point of your life that you are nothing and your always rejected? Do you feel unwanted and unloved most of the time? Or maybe you feel that your lost, stress and depress. These are just few of the many emotions we can feel if we try to walk away from Him. If we try to walk away from God.

(Oh cut the crap! God is always testing me with so many problems!)

Yes! I know, because He also did that to me. He gave me so many trials and challenges that once I think I can never get over. God let me experience being lost. He even made me experienced heartbreak, rejections and the feeling that I am not enough. He challenged me emotionally in so many ways.


Simply because He wants me to hold tighter to Him. He wants me to grow, learn and realize a lot of things about my self and my faith.

(But He still let me cry every night and let me be sad.)

Crying? Being sad? And even being afraid? Those are just His ways of winning you back. Those are all His ways to make you feel that no matter what happen and how hard life may be, He will always be there.

(But are you mad at Him?)

Absolutely yes! I became mad. I questioned Him why. There was a point that I even questioned myself and my purpose. That emotion drifted me away from Him and that was the time I experienced depressions.

(Yet you still believe in Him?)

I do! No doubt on that, I do. I believe in God!


Because He stepped in! He stepped in during those times I felt I am drowning. I know for some who are going through difficulties in life, it is hard to trust Him and His ways. But those challenges made me realized how much I need Him in my life.

(Are you happy now?)

I can say YES, because I am glad that HE STEPPED IN, INTO MY LIFE!

Photo credits to Beautifully Honest | Single Women Encourager + Blogger

Princess Dulaca



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