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SkinPotions Tomato Serum and Watermelon Shocker Product Review

I know a lot of girls would understand me if I say, “skin care is life“. Way back when I was just in secondary level I am not really into any skin care products because luckily since then I am not really prone to pimples. Yet my only problem is I find my face dry and dull. That’s why when I started working I started using different skin care products to give my face an additional glow.

This is when I discover @skinpotions different skin care products. I usually see posts about their products on Social Media like Instagram and Facebook. Then one time, while I was walking at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall I passed by their actual store there. It is just a mini store located just near Cha Time and Mcdonalds if I am not mistaken.

So yes to make to long story short, I bought two skin care products

One is the TOMATO SERUM and the other on is the WATERMELON SHOCKER.


Price: 295PHP

This serum is on of their best sellers. This is formulated with natural tomato and aloe vera extracts. It helps to brightens skin for a radiant, glowing look. The serum also helps restore skin’s natural pH balance; minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores; reduces irritations and inflammations such as acne. Plus it also helps the face to  relieves and heals sunburnt skin; fights free radicals with an antioxidant powerhouse that includes vitamins A and C, lycopene, and proteins.

I really do love this serum. It helps my dull face a  lot. It gives my face a glow that is very natural.


Price: 180PHP

This soap is especially formulated for every sensitive skin. It is composed of a 70% glycerin solution to deeply moisturize skin; plumps up, firms, and nourishes. This soap also lightens to even out skin tone; helps in preventing melanin production with papaya extract, arbutin, and licorice

I super love this soap as well because it is very gentle on the face, After washing the face I can totally feel that my skin became flawless and smooth.

You can buy @skinpotions products on their website and also at Beauty MNL.

You can also follow them on Instagram and like their Facebook page for more updates.

I swear this product is really worth a try and every penny you have. Plus they are not so expensive compared to others and they are also Filipino made. #LoveLocal

I hope you give their product a try and don’t forget to comment here your experiences. Enjoy!


Princess Dulaca





Princess Dulaca



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