Asia, the world’s largest and most diverse continent. It is full of wonders, indeed! There are so much to do, so much places to visit and food to taste and we only have 7 days or a week to squeezed everything! Yes just 7 days for everything: exploring SINGAPORE to a part of MALAYSIA and another part of INDONESIA or known as the Tri-City.

This is a DIY-family trip so both solo traveler and group travelers will surely relate on this.

On this blog Iwill show you how we made our 7 days trip happy, memorable and amazing. It is indeed possible to really travel three countries in just 7 days! Fun, right? So now, ready yourself, take down notes and let’s start this Tri-City Travel Guide blog.

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First thing first, make sure to renew your passport 6 months before it expires so that your travel will not be invalidated. Go to the nearest DFA office to renew your passport. Take note also that it is much better to book a return tickets, tour tickets and accommodations prior leaving to lessen the hassle and for a higher chance of not getting off-loaded.

HOW TO GO TO SINGAPORE (first stop of the Tr-City)

Singapore by night, photo via

We booked our plane ticket at Cebu Pacific. Yet Air Asia, Philippine Airlines, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines and Scoot also offer flights going to Singapore. There are a lot of options when it comes to airlines, it will just depend on your schedule and budget.

You can also book your flight with 12Go Asia. 12Go Asia is a booking site where you can book flights, bus and even ferries. As part of it you can book your bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru, Malaysia and your ferry from Singapore to Batam, Indonesia.

Powered by 12Go Asia system


For tours and attractions tickets we booked it at KLOOK. Klook is very helpful when travelling because they have almost all the tours you want in a specific country.  You can book an entrance Ticket to Universal Studios, Legoland Malaysia and even also a ticket on your ferry when going to Indonesia. If you want a less hassle travel, you can book in advance at Klook website.

Legoland Malaysia, photo via


During our trip we  were lucky because we just rent a room from my parents’ friend who has a unit in Singapore. Yet the place is quite far from the city. But you can also book your accommodations at Agoda or via They have bunch of choices and promos on a place to stay in Singapore. Just a tip, make sure to book a place just near the city or MRT Stations so going around will not be very hard.

Immigration (F.A.Qs)

Since you will enter different countries, you will surely pass lots of Immigration. We’ve heard several not so good stories about the Immigration but don’t let it stop you from exploring. Frequently asked questions will most likely be:

How many days are you gonna be in –insert country here-?

-Be honest. Tell them the truth. (They won’t bite. Kidding)

When are you coming back?

-Tell them your date of the flight back to Manila. So it’s better if you book flight tickets back early on. Always bring your itinerary ticket from the airlines with you for checking purposes.

Where are you going to stay once you’re there?

-Show them your accommodation documents. If staying with a friend, show them the address or the map.

Do you have a companion traveling with you?

-Girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, relatives, etc.

What’s your job/business? How many years have you been working in the company?

-Just tell them the truth. Office jobs are more likely to be accepted instantly. Freelancers, however, are being questioned more. Tell them everything they need to know especially if it’s your first out of the country trip and just be confident answering the questions.

Some immigration has long lines, most specially if it is peak season. Just be patient when falling in line. People who had passport stamps before gets easier interviews in the immigration. Don’t be afraid. Just relax and enjoy each moment you have while traveling.

Tri-City Budget and Expenses

I went there with the whole family and it require quite a lot of money to spend but it is better to book plane tickets and accommodations in advance to get a way way cheaper fare and prices. Singapore is “sophisticated”, “enticing”, “easy to visit” yet at some point “expensive”. But at the same time you can still see cheaper food stalls around especially in train stations and hawker places. You can also book the tickets on KLOOK to enter different parks and attractions, they offer a much cheaper prices. Food and lifestyle in Malaysia and Indonesia are not that expensive tho, so you will really enjoy eating a lot plus maybe you can go on shopping as well.

For solo or two traveler, it may cause a less expenditures depending on how you

manage bookings, the places you want to visit and the food you want to eat.

Tri-City Sample Itinerary

Day 01 

Touchdown Singapore + You may Explore Sinagpore by night by visiting Hawker Places

Day 02

Whole Day Tour in Johor Bahru, Malaysia for Legoland or you can also explore the city by visiting different sites, museums and even dropping by at shopping areas.

Day 03

Universal Studios – Singapore (This is a whole day tour).

Day 04

Whole Day Indonesia Tour.

Day 05

Explore Singapoe by visiting Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park, Little India, Chinatown and a lot more.

Day 06

Explore Singapoe by visiting Sentosa Island and try different fun and thrilling activities.

Day 07

Travel back to Manila

It is indeed fun to travel especially it will fill your eyes with so much beautiful places and your heart with so many good memories. It may be very pricey yet you can really take time to save for it. Anyways, I hope you find this Tri-City Travel Guide blog a very helpful one. Enjoy your future Tri-City adventure!

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