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Saranggani Bay’s Premium Bangus

Bangus or Milkfish is one of the most loved fish here in our country. We all love to eat Daing na Bangus, Fried Bangus and a lot more.

I, myself is really a fan of Bangus and I must admit it is my go to dish every time I am craving to fish.

In line with that, I am happy to discover Kusina Saranggani.

Kusina Sarangani is a deliciously fun new club formed out of our passion for the boneless Bangus we all know and love.

 I got the chance to try their products namely, Boneless Milkfish Regular Smoked, Boneless Milkfish Regular Belly and Boneless Milkfish Regular Marinated.


This is their certified best-seller – perfectly smoked and salted, yet soft and juicy in texture.

It is very simple to prepare, I just fried it and partnered it with a vinegar.

This dish is perfect with fried rice as well. I love the taste and flavor of it.


Bangus bellies literally melting in your mouth with goodness. Rich in Omega 3 fatty acid, this most flavourful part of the Bangus helps promote heart health. In this Bangus, I tried the Bangus steak. It is my first time to cook this dish.

I am happy about it and this part is perfect if you want to cook something else from Bangus, especially steak.

Good thing it is really easy and convenient to cook.


Well-known Marinated Bangus. Premium boneless Milkfish are marinated to perfection in the classic blend of fresh black pepper, garlic, salt and vinegar. This is really my favorite and I am happy just to partner it with soy sauce and vinegar.

In this product, I just fried it and it is perfect and ready to serve.

Are you craving right now? I am very sure you’ll love this set of Bangus as well. Learn more about this at

You may also follow them on on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Princess Dulaca


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