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Rolling Stone Billiard and Bar at Tomas Morato

Thinking of a best place where you can hang out with your friends? Or maybe a place where you can chill with your colleagues after such a stressful day at work? Maybe you are in search for a perfect place where you can play and enjoy at the same time.

Don’t worry because I’ll introduce you to this one-of-a-kind bar you can find just in Metro Manila.

Rolling Stone Billiard and Bar

Located: CTTM Square 2/F Tomas Morato corner Timog Ave., Quezon City, Philippines

Friday – Saturday 5PM to 6AM⁣
Sunday – Thursday 5PM to 4AM⁣



The whole area is very spacious. It has big area where billiards are present for you to play. You can also see tables around where you can put your food, drinks and stuffs while you are playing. Near the counter also are chairs and tables if you just want to dine in at the bar.

Once you enter their bar you can already see many billiards pool. They also have VIP Rooms wherein you can book for a more private and intimate bonding with your friends. I must say that the whole place is also neat and the number of lights are just perfect to lighten the whole place.


Their VIP Rooms is also wide. It can accommodate up to 20 pax or even up to 25 pax if you wan to. Inside their VIP Rooms are couches where you can seat, tables for your food and drinks, KTV where you can sing and a billiard pool at the center where you can play.

The whole area is air-conditioned at it also has a restroom inside so you don’t have to worry if you need to go to the restroom. This room is also clean and it smells good. You will feel relax and for sure you and your friends will have so much fun.


I must commend this strategy they made to lessen the hassle of every customers when ordering, especially inside a specif room. They have a table just below the TV where you can use to order for food, drinks and even desserts. It is very convenient to use and at the same time easy to access.


Their food are all fantastic. These are all a must try when you visit their bar. They have different and wide range of food to choose from. Everything tastes really good and price is just fare (not too expensive and not so cheap).

Below are the following food we ordered:


I am not really a fan of spicy food but this one is just enough and yes it is really good! The squid is soft and well cooked. I also love how it was seasoned because you can really tastes the flavor in it.


This one is my all time favorite. I am amazed by how their tofu is crispy on the outside but very soft on the inside. The pork is also well cooked and their dip is very tasty. It blends so well with both tofu and pork.


I can taste a buttery chicken in this dish which is really fun. I love the twist and the taste of this dish. One of the best dishes to order at the bar. It also has so many chickens in it.


We ordered a sandwich as well. It has a ham, egg, tomatoes and cucumber on it. This is one of my favorites among all. I love the taste of the sandwich itself and the whole spread is also amazing. This is also a must dish to try at their bar.


I totally enjoyed my 1 hour experience at the whole bar. I’m sure my family and friends will absolutely love this place as well.

For bookings and inquiries, you can visit them at their Facebook Page and Contact them at (02) 966-1380.

Princess Dulaca



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