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Pizza Streat in Dela Paz, Pasig City

Pizza is the only love triangle I ever want! INTRODUCING Pizza Streat! This restaurant called Pizza Streat is a must visit! You’re gonna find our why in a bit.

Is this the only LOVE TRIANGLE you ever wanted to be into also?

Location: 236 Octagon Ave., De La Paz, Pasig City

Opening Hours: 12:00 to 22:00

Craving for Pizza? Don’t you worry Pizza Streat is the answer to that. This place offers best quality and affordable pizza. The other foods on their menu are indeed budget-friendly as well, so you won’t have to worry. Plus they offer delicious dishes, so every penny is worth a spend.


I love the whole place. It looks so classy and Instagram worthy. The designs and details are very “French” and it will give you a chill and good vibes like you are in any European countries. I totally like the whole concept of Pizza Streat.


The last time we went there, we tried their HAWAIIAN PIZZA, PEPPERONI PIZZA, MANGO SHAKE and COOKIES & CREAM FRAPPUCINO.

Mixed Hawaiian Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza

Their Pizza comes into one size only. You can order two different pizzas in one serving or you may order one flavor at a time. It is thin sliced and perfectly cooked. For just a cheaper prize it doesn’t taste like cheap. The flavor is really in it and it taste so good! So if you are into pizza and on a budget, take a time to visit this restaurant. Super cozy with super duper good food.


Pizza Streat is now offering a UNLI PASTA & PIZZA for 198PHP per head. With a minimum of 3 persons and up you can avail their unlimited promo! But don’t forget that leftovers are a big NO!


Try Pizza Streat NOW! You may contact them at (02) 798-0528 or at +63 927 269 0516.

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