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Newly Opened Tea Gumps at Teresa, Rizal

A lovely place to hang out and to enjoy good food are one of the great factors for a restaurant, a coffee shop or a tea shop. This is when I discovered a hidden treasure of such a minimalist cozy place that offers different delicious drinks and food somewhere in Rizal. Tea Gumps has been in the business for almost 5 years.

They have other branches located in Cainta and Taytay. It was just last year, November 10, 2018, when they opened another branch in Teresa, Rizal. In line with that, I get to visit their newly opened branch and as far as I know this is the biggest as of now.

I love that the place is big and very spacious. I also like the idea that the design is very simple yet very classy. This kind of vibe makes the whole place more cozy, relaxing and attractive to many people around.

Besides of the place their food and drinks are also promising. The price of their food and drinks are also way cheaper compared to others. This make this place more attractive especially to students and even employees that has a tight budget.

Below are some of the food they offer and I absolutely love everything.


As part of it, this is one of my favorites. I love how the it tastes so cheesy and beefy at the same time. I can absolutely eat this of all day long. It also comes with a dip and a chips. This food is perfect for the whole “barkada“.


If you are a cheese lover, I am sure you’ll love this one. I am happy that they are very generous when it comes to putting a lot of cheese, beef and even mayo. This way makes this more tasty and appealing.


This food is very tasty, it has a little bit of a spicy taste but it blends very well on the sweet taste of the sauce. The slices are also just right and it comes with a dip that compliments the flavor of the barbecue. I can say that the chicken are very well-cooked.


The nuggets were cooked just proper, it is crispy on the outside and very juice on the inside. This one suits kids who are dining with their family. I’m sure they will enjoy this food.


This one tastes very refreshing. The tastes is sweet and at the same time a little sour. It also smells really good, you can really smell the apple on it and you will know that it is freshly made. They also offer different fruit teas in different flavors. In line with that, they also have it in Strawberry.


I am indeed a fan of milk tea. But I never tried a dark chocolate shake milk tea before. As part of it, I must say that this one is a game changer. It tastes good and refreshing. The pear is not hard and cooked very well. The sweetness is just also very right. By the way, you can customized the sweetness of the drink you want depending on what you want.

Other drinks are also available such as: Nutella Milk Tea, Caramel Caffe Latte, Wintermelon Milk Tea and a lot more. They also have this “Luxury Series” that every drinks comes with a different flavor such as: Herheys, Kitkat, Toblerone and Ferrero.

I highly recommend this place, especially if you are living in Rizal area. You’ll absolutely love the place.


52 Rizal Avenue, San Isidro, Taytay

APS Crowne Plaza, L. Sumulong Memorial Circlr, San Roque, Upper Antipolo Antipolo City, San Roque

A. Bonifacio Avenue, Across Our Lady of Light Parish, Santo Domingo, Cainta, Rizal

Ground Floor Unit 4 & 5 E. Rodrigues Ave., Poblacion, Teresa, Rizal

They have different branches all over Rizal. If you’re just near, give them a visit and try their food. I guess also some of their branches are open up to 12mn so you can really visit them after school or even work.

You can also follow Tea Gumps on their FACEBOOK Page and INSTAGRAM Account to know more about their updated promos and menus. I can’t wait for them to open a branch here in Metro Manila. I’m sure it will be the next big thing.

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