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Mt. Daraitan + Tinipak River – Tanay, Rizal

“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way.”  -Dr. Seuss

Mt. Daraitan – Tanay, Rizal

739 meters above sea level

Difficulty: 4/9

I remember a “hugot” while we were climbing, it goes like this:

B: “Ma’am, kaya mo yan!”

G: “Oo naman. Mag move on nga nakaya ko, eto pa kaya.”

I burst into laughter after I heard those words.

Another one goes on a conversation like this:

B: “Alam mo ba na halos 90% ng mga umaakyat ay humuhugot?”

G: “Basta ako umaakyat ako kasi gusto ko marating ang summit at di para humugot.”

This was my 2nd hike and since the 1st hike I never climbed because I have “hugot” or anything. I just really want to feel the nature, reach the summit and explore the mountain. But this climb, changed my perception at some point.


Me and my friends joined Traveling Adventures. We paid 750php for the trip, including van transfer, guide and registration fees. You can see on the photo above the other participants of the group. (Also special thanks to Mr.Dean Transfer, we had a group photo.) Due to the number of participants, we were divided into certain number of group with 10 members each to make it easy for the guides to monitor each participants.


Meet up time was 3:00am at Cubao, we arrived at Tanay, Rizal at around 5:00am and started the climb at around 6:00am. It was a long trek, yet very exciting. We reached the first stop at around 7:00am and saw this enticing cone (photo below – sorry if I said it’s a cone, it looks like a cone for me).


I can’t get over about her shape. Its indeed a perfect triangle for me. Yet I guess also to everybody. Oh I just love how “green” everything was. It was so relaxing and refreshing.



Time to leave the “cone” and continue the climb. We’re not yet on the half of our climb so we must start walking again. I can’t feel that I am tired because of this wonderful view. God is really good He made things like these.

Our 2nd stop and I guess a point where we are near on the summit itself, but first let me show you a picture of me and my friends:


From right to left, top to bottom: Kuya Emman, Ate Franz, Mitch, Me and Mitch’s brother Derick. They are my Mt. Daraitan buddies.

After another long walk, we all reached the summit of Mt. Daraitan, the view was priceless yet its somehow crowded. But at least we reached the top and survived Mt. Daraitan – all worthit. ❤

Photos below are taken at the summit:




After several minutes of picture takings, we walked just a few minutes down from the summit to eat and rest for awhile. After almost 1 hour of “break time”, we continue descending the mountain. It was a long walk again.

As we trek, we found something meaningful. It was a sign board saying, “BABALIK KA RIN.”


For me the sign meant a lot. Maybe a saying that you must explore the mountain again but most of all for me it means, going back to Mother Earth, experience God’s blessings and taking good care of His gifts. It was a reminder that we people of earth must take part in conserving the beauty of nature. BABALIK KA RIN. You’ll be back at the heart of the earth.

Hours of descending past by and we all reached the jump-off point once again, Oh God thank You for a safe and fun hike.

Part of our package deal is the Tinipak River. SWIMMING! The water was very clear, clean and refreshing. Rocks formations are also amazing. It was really a gift from God.


One more attraction there was the cave, yet due to the number of people we failed to visit the cave so we just enjoyed the river. “Swimming doon, swimming dito.”


FUN FUN FUN after a LONG-GREAT climb.


To sum up it all, it was indeed a GREAT day! You must try it also, visit Daraitan, try Tinipak River and do Caving as well. Happy climbing. ♥

Suggestion in going to Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal:


Cubao-Sta Lucia jeep = Php 15
Sta Lucia-Junction jeep = Php 10
Junction-Tanay Public Market jeep = Php 45
Tricyle to Barangay Hall = Php 100
Bridge = Php 5 (Php 20 per vehicle) 
Registration = Php 20
Tour guide = Php 56 (Php 500/10 pax) 
Barangay Hall-Tanay Public Market jeep = Php 115
Tanay Public Market-Junction jeep = Php 45
Junction-Cubao jeep = Php 20
Total expense: Php 431

What are you waiting for? VISIT the PLACE, CLIMB the MOUNTAIN and EXPERIENCE the RIVER and CAVE. HAVE FUN!

Princess Dulaca



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