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Milk Teas I Tried in Taiwan + Reviews

Taiwan is not just famous because of their tourist spots and foods! They are even famous because of their bubble teas or milk teas. We all know the majority of the milk teas we have here in the Philippine are from or inspired by Taiwanese’s milk teas. Many Filipinos are a into this kind of drink especially today. As part of it, there are so many milk tea stores here in our country.

That’s why I decided to taste some of Taiwan’s milk teas when I went there last time.

I must say milk tea stores at Taiwan is all over the country! In every places you go, there are always bubble teas.

Below are the nine (9) milk teas I tried during my  days stay at Taiwan:


This brand is originally from Taiwan. Presotea introduced the world’s first premium tea brewing process using a special espresso machine inspired by Western technology. We also have this brand here in the Philippines. They have one in Shaw, Robinsons Magnolia and even in SM Marikina.

Review: I tried their Pearl Milk Tea and an honest review, I love it! I love how you can still taste the tea even though there is milk on it. The sweetness is just right and well-balanced. I also love the texture and taste of their pearl.


I found this milk tea store, Chizuo when we went to Taichung, Taiwan. People are lining up so I decided to try since it looks so interesting.

Review: I ordered their Brown Sugar Milk Tea. The taste of the drink is just normal yet their pearls are promising. I super duper love the taste because it gives so much life to the taste of the milk tea. I also love the texture of it.


After walking around Ximen District, we found this milk tea store. Bubble Lee started way back 2015 and their specialty is their Bubble Tea with Brown Sugar.

Review: Being their specialty, I ordered their Brown Sugar Bubble Bubble Tea in Jasmine Tea. The taste is a little bit mint since the tea base is Jasmine tea  yet it taste good as well. It is not so sweet and the taste of the tea is not that strong as well.


This store along Ximen District is just near in our hotel. Sharetea‘s packaging seems to be very interesting that’s why we tried it. Then suddenly I realized that we also have this here in the Philippines but I am not that sure if it is the exact one.

Review: I tried their Brown Sugar Milk Tea with a Whip on top. This one is quite different because of the whip cream on top. It taste so good since the whip cream on top gives an additional sweetness on the tea itself. The pearls also perfectly cooked.


Heard about this milk tea store? I know you’ll say yes. This is because Coco is one of the famous bubble tea stores here in the Philippines. Wherever you place it, there will be an absolute long line of waiting just to have your favorite drink. That is why I decided to try the original one in Taiwan.

Review: Since they don’t have “Panda Milk Tea” on their choice of menu. I decided to ordered Pearl Milk Tea. Indeed this brand is my favorite here in the Philippines but in Taiwan it is juts a normal milk tea. It taste good yet not so special enough for people to line up.


While we are in our Northcoast tour, I saw this milk tea shop that looks a little old and base on the year written they started since 1986. That is why I gave this one a try.

Review: The taste is not that bad but there is nothing so promising about it. Yet if you want to refresh and it is available in the area, this is also a must try.


This brand is located also near in our hotel. The store of MENS UNO is a Korean inspire store. Their specialty drink series “Kuma Milk & Cream” has the perfect balance between rich and refreshing taste. The place is so cute as well and their milk teas look so good!

Review: I tried their Brown Sugar Bubble Tea. I must say that among all the milk teas I tried at Taiwan this is my favorite. It doesn’t taste so sweet because of brown sugar. The tea is not super strong and it blends well with the cream on it. So this one is a must try!


Same with Coco, Tiger Sugar is also one of the most famous milk tea stores here in the Philippines. The openings of each branches are blockbusters and people are all lining up just to try their Brown Sugar Milk Tea. But did you know, that even in Taiwan people are lining up for this brand? Yes indeed and we also lined up just to buy their Brown Sugar Milk Tea.

Review: Good this it is worth the line since it taste good as well. In line with it, it also taste same as what we have here in the Philippines.


I don’t know it this is the exact name of this milk tea brand but yes I guess it is. We tried because it is just along the way of our hotel and every time we pass through it people are all lining up to buy one.

Review: It taste just a normal milk tea. Nothing is so special about it compared to other bubble teas I tried.

There are still so many milk tea shops to try at Taiwan and I guess they will never run out. But kidding aside, the price of one milk tea also ranges from 100PHP – 120PHP.

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