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Great Food, Cozy Location, Good Music All In One Place: MERCATO CENTRALE

In our busy schedule almost everyday of our week most of us are really searching for a wonderful place to hang out every weekend. We look for place where we can eat, bond and chat with our family members, friends, classmates or even our colleagues.

In line with this the Manila’s best food night park is now on the East part of Metro Manila. Yes! M E R C A T O  C E N T R A L E opened their newest branch located at The Brick Road – Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall last September 22, 2018.

Each food stalls offers different varieties of food to enjoy. They are all affordable and really mouth-watering.

Who will say NO to GOOD FOOD? Because me, I’ll never will.

It feels good to fill your hungry tummy with such amazing set of foods only available at Mercato Centrale.


To give you a glimpse and to make you feel excited and hungry at the same time.

Below are the vendors available at Mercato Centrale @ The Brick Road Sta. Lucia Mall:



BRP!!! (We are just starting but it looks like you’re already full. Just kidding!). This stands for BAGNET RICE PATONG.

This vendor will really take you to the place where Bagnet is number 1: ILOCOS.



And now let’s go to the king, introducing: KING MICHAEL SHAWARMA!

Do you love meat? This vendor will surely make you crave for more meat. So get ready to be full!!!



Do you want something big? Go and try BIG J SUASAGES now!!!

Look how yummy their suasages are. NYC vibes is currently here in Mercato Centrale @ The Brick Road.



Feeling like you want to visit Mexico and try their delicious Tacos and Quesadillas? Ooopsss. Don’t worry LEON will take in charge of that.

This simple and explicit vendor will absolutely gives you a great tacos to fill your Mexican food craving.



Do you like eating pasta? CHICAGO’S is for you.

Try this amazing vendor that offers huge varieties of delicious pastas.



This place also offers IHAW-IHAW, and I know most of the Filipinos really do love these set of foods (I’m one of you).  You can also experience and taste one-of-a-kind ihaw-ihaw food at MAMAY’S IHAW-IHAW.

Wow! I’m in love with this view.



You can also feel the summer vibe in these different refreshing drinks offered by CITY OF DRINKS.

(From left to right: Mango Juice with real Mangoes on it, Sago’t Gulaman, Buko Juice)


Oooops! You cannot leave a place without any desserts.

Mercato Centrale also offers different desserts such cakes and ice creams.

They are all delicious and affordable. So don’t miss any chance to taste that sweetness.

Mercato Centrale is not just a place for good food, it is also a place to enjoy good music. You together with family and friends will surely have fun spending a night of your week here and for sure you will still come back to experience more.

The opening day was  filled of good vibes. Food and people are everywhere. The place was really surrounded with such amazing music.

You can hear so many people laughing and having a great time with the people they are with.

You can hear such a good voice while having the best food you can have.

Remember it is okay to sometimes spoil yourself after such a very busy week at school, office or even at home.

That was an epic launched. I hope you can visit MERCATO CENTRALE @ The Brick Road Sta. Lucia Mall as well and experience the food they offer. Bring your family and friends and make your night such a relaxing one.


If you are planning to visit other branches or if you want to be a vendor, just visit their site: MERCATO CENTRALE

You can also find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


You can also check my latest Vlog post: Vlog # 12 : MERCATO CENTRALE @ The Brick Road Sta. Lucia Mall



Princess Dulaca

Princess Dulaca



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