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“Mayon” Inspired Gown Sets Miss Philippines Catriona Gray “The Girl On Fire” At Miss Universe 2018

Many people are all waiting for the evening gown segment of Miss Universe 2018.  In line with this, this Catriona girl sets the whole stage on fire with her “Mayon” inspired gown by Mak Tumang.

Catriona Gray is the darling of the crowd especially when she enters the stage. Everyone is really looking at her with so much amazement. Because of her really perfect body figure, sexy smile, confident walk and dignity as a results she really gets attention from everyone.

In other words, I am very grateful to hear that once again, Philippines is back for Miss Universe Crown. Therefore, this will be a great celebration for every Filipinos especially Christmas is coming.

This made more of us more excited to really witness the evening gown of our very own Miss Philippines.

In a Facebook post, Mak Tumang cited Mayon Volcano as inspiration for Catriona’s final gown:

Today, Catriona is coming home. She is celebrating her roots – she is celebrating Albay! The prominent and iconic Mayon Volcano is the penultimate inspiration for this creation. Folk tales have it that it was named after the mythological heroine ‘Daragang Magayon’ (Beautiful Lady).Catriona can be considered as the modern-day Daragang Magayon. She embodies the Filipina’s beauty, intelligence and burning passion. This lady is definitely on fire!

Catriona Gray really nailed the evening gown segment of the competition. This gown fits her perfectly, from the body figure itself up to her very own personality.

Mak Tumang’s talent is incredible and really amazing. 

All hail to the new Queen. Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray of the Philippines.

As part of this, Catriona Gray is a pride of every Filipinos because of the hard work she puts in this competition. I am very happy for her achievement and for bringing the crown once again.

Princess Dulaca



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