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Malalison Island: Where The Mountain Meet The Sea

You’re total guide to Visayan Batanes. Explore the beauty of this unspoiled Island of Antique and experience climbing the highest peak in Panay Island.

The Island

Malalison is an unspoiled 55-hectare hook-shaped island. Also known as Mararison Island, it’s one of the three island-barangays of Culasi, Antique.

Malalison can be reached by a motorized pump-boat (4 kilometers away or 15-20-minute ride, or even up to an hour depending on the weather) off the coast of the town proper, Culasi.


The island is know in its clear water, white sand and majestic sand bar. Plus its not that crowded unlike other beaches of Visayas region.


What a majestic view. You never need any filter or edit. It was indeed a perfect blue sea and white sand. Clouds are also inviting. Such a great place to relax and enjoy.

What to do in Malalison Island?

1.)  Pangluy-a

The “pangluy-a” is the traditional blessing of guests upon arrival. This ritual is believed to serve as protection from unpleasant spirits, thus blessing you to have a good stay at the island.

2. ) Trekking


Malalison Island has been popularly called the “Batanes of the East” because of its landscape. Prepare for your legs to get tired during your uphill trek. But I assure you, it was worth every drops of sweat.

Don’t forget to take a picture of a rare plant you can only find in Palawan and here in Malalison Island, the Pitcher Plant:


Pitcher plants are several different carnivorous plants which have modified leaves known as pitfall traps—a prey-trapping mechanism featuring a deep cavity filled with digestive fluid liquid. The traps of what are considered to be “true” pitcher plants are created from modified leaves; however they are not simply folded into a tube, and the process is far more complex. (c) Wikipedia

3.) Picture Taking

You can do a non-stop picture ops. Malalison Island is an IG worthy place. So don’t forget to full charge your cameras and power banks.


Travelling can be fun, challenging and exciting when doing alone (for me, I guess because I really do love traveling). But it will be much better if you’re with someone you love.

* Our first travel together *

4.) Swimming

Indulge and enjoy the clear-blue water of Malalison Island or just roam around the white sand and sand bar of the island. Everything was great!



5.) Relax

A complete-perfect place to relax and be away from the loud city. Enjoy the sound of the ocean and the warm breeze of the wind.


Where to stay at Malalison Island?

Since the island was being commercialize now as a tourist destination, there are cottages already that you can rent if you wish to go on an overnight stay or for a couple of days. There are also home stay that are being offered, for only 250PHP per person per night. If you wish to be on a much private room, you can avail their mini hotel room and cottages, prices starts at 700PHP per night.

Food in Malalison Island

As of our visit last February 2017, there are carinderias in the island, so you never have to worry about the food. But if you wish to have something you like, you can buy at the wet Market located at Culasi, Antique before heading to Malalison. You can cook your own food or let them cook it for you at the island for 200PHP per group of meal.

How to go to Aniqtue?

Antique is accessible from major cities of the country through Iloilo City, from where buses leave for San Jose, the province’s capital town. Travel time is approximately 2 hours.

From Manila, you can fly to Iloilo (estimated cost of Php3,000++, round trip, one hour). From Iloilo Airport, you can hail a cab and ask to be dropped off at your destination.

Iloilo City to Culasi, Antique

Ride a bus/van at MOLO Terminal. You can ride a direct ride going to Culasi or for you can drop off at San Jose, Antique and ride another bus/van heading to Culasi, Antique.

Budget (this was base on our expenses when we went to the Island from Iloilo City)

 (Iloilo Airport to MOLO Terminal) : 70PHP each *Better ride a van rather than TAXI, because its much cheaper.

(MOLO Terminal to San Jose,Antique) : 100PHP

(San Jose, Antique to Culasi, ANtique ) : 100PHP

Bangka (Culasi to Malalison) : 750PHP maximum of 5 pax. *The rental fee was for going to the island and back to Culasi, Antique

Homestay : 250PHP

Tour Guide (for trekking) : 200PHP

Other expenses falls to food and paluto: 854PHP good for 2 pax


Travel Tips to Malalison Island

Malalison Island is quite small. Here are a few things to remember when you go there:

  • DO NOT LEAVE TRASH on the island. Bring a plastic bag with you when you go so you can bring your trash back to the mainland. Be responsible travelers, please.
  • There is no ATM on the island. No restaurants. No bars.
  • Buy your food at the mainland especially if you are staying overnight on the island.
  • There is electricity only from 6PM to 10PM. Homestays have generators, but you have to pay extra to have it turned on. Just charge your gadgets and when the electricity is turned off, look up at the night sky and admire a different view.
  • When trekking, DO NOT pick the pitcher plants. They are not souvenirs for you to take home.

Contact Person: 

Mr. John John U. Sumanting
Municipal Information Officer
Tourism Officer
Tel. No. : (036) 277-8077
Cell. No. : 09163245068
Email :


Princess Dulaca



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