What Kind Of Travelers Are You?

In every places you go to there will always be different kind of travelers. But do you know that there is such thing as “Kinds of Travelers“. You might find it funny but yes the question is, what kind of travelers are you?

Are you ready to figure out what kind of travel person are you? Okay, let’s begin!

1. The Backpacker Travelers

This kind of traveler loves to explore different destinations and they prefer independent travelling but still on a budget. They also refuse rules and burdens when it comes to their itinerary and so on. Being said a backpacker kind of traveler is someone who loves going on trips and vacations to natural environments and even in remote locations. They would love to explore different activities and even the culture of the places they are off to.

2. The Soul Searcher Travelers

Brokenhearted? Lost? Wang to find themselves? Name it! This kind of traveler is someone who prefer to travel alone. They are the one who enjoys the feeling of being able to think and explore with no one with them as companion. A soul searcher can be the strongest even though most of the times we think that they are the one who is broken. This is because, just simple, they can travel all by themselves!

3. The Photographers

These kind of travelers are often you’ll see carrying so many stuffs with them. Namely, camera, cellphone, tripod, drone and a lot more. The photographers are kind of travelers that enjoys taking photos of every scenic and beautiful location that they can see. They really do travel to capture the natural beauty of a place and of course never forgets to upload every single photos.

4. The Good Itinerary Planner

Having a well-planned itinerary is indeed the best! This kind of travel person loves to schedule everything and organized his or her itinerary. The good itinerary planner will do his or her best to comply with the scheduled itinerary for a certain travel or day.

5. The Thrill Seeker

Do you know someone who will really try and do different kind of adventures? Yes this kind of traveler are adrenaline junkies and dare devils. They are the one off to death defying kind of adventures. This is because for them, “you only live once”. Some examples of what this thrill seeker enjoys are bungee jumping, cliff diving, hiking and a lot of extreme adventures.

6. The Fashionista Travelers

Do you think this kind of traveler can carry just a hand-carry luggage with them? I guess, it is a big no. Since a fashionista is a traveler who carries almost everything in his or her wardrobe for her best travel photos in her best outfit. The most famous destination of this traveler might be in Paris, Milan, London or France.

7. The Relax Travelers

This kind of traveler will just lay down and enjoy the see breeze and the wonderful wind. They are the one who prefers to go to places where there they can just relax and without so much noise

8. The Budgeted

Seat sale? Accommodation promos? Good deals? These are just few of the things this kind of traveler is waiting in his or her laptop or phone. Perfect destination of budgeted travelers are countries of Southeast Asia like Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia or Myanmar. They bound to aim at saving money while on a trip.

9. The Business Travelers

Imagine a travel buddies who bring laptop, documents and different paper works with them during travel. This is a business traveler who can never leave a day without checking his or her emails. They may sometimes get to fully immerse themselves in travel but on the whole.

10. The Groupies

Traveling with your friends is indeed the best! You’ll be able to save when it comes to accommodation and other expenses, plus you’ll have someone to take photos of you. These are the breed of travelers that love travelling in groups and explore new destinations and enjoy sightseeing in groups of friends or family members.

Oh! What kind of traveler do you think you are? Let me know in the comments section! I would love to hear from you!

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