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What’s Inside My First Ever THALERA GIFT BOX?

I know this blog post is a little bit too late, but please bear with me.

Anyways now I’ll be sharing you “WHAT IS INSIDE MY FIRST EVER THALERA GIFT BOX“.

Actually I received my box last month, February but because of a really busy schedule I haven’t done the review yet (I’m sorry my bad).

In line with that, I subscribed to THALERA last December 2018 if I’m not mistaken. Then after 2 several months, my gift box came. I am very excited on what is inside and I can’t wait to share it to everyone.



The box is not very big but the color looks so vibrant and happy. It has the perfect shade of orange where it looks so inviting to the eyes.




First, Moringa-O Malunggay

This Shampoo is a Herbal Shampoo and it will help your hair be smooth and nourished. It will also minimize frizz and will protect your hair from the heat of the sun. Plus it is natural with a fruity and floral scent.

Who wouldn’t love a shampoo that is natural and very helpful for the hair.

Second, Gluta-C Papaya Soap

Do you want to have a white perfect skin? This one will help you achieve that because this Gluta-C Papaya Soap will helps you in terms of whitening, exfoliating and nourishing your skin. Plus don’t forget to combine it with…..


Third, Gluta-C Body Lotion

This body lotion will not just helps you achieve a white and glowing skin. It will also moisturize and helps your skin from aging. Plus the good thing about it, is that you can wear it even your outside because it already has a SPF 25 that will protect you from the sun.

I’m sure this is an essential everyone of us should have. Get yours now at any supermarket and online stores nationwide.

Plus do you want to receive a free products (gift box) as well? Maybe you can give this a try.

You just have to follow simple instructions when you visit

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