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I Always Know My Princess

I Know My Princess

I know every details about you. I know the things and plans you want in life, your dreams, goals and I know how much it means to you. I know what it takes to make you happy. I know what saddens you. I know what is the meaning behind your smile and stares. I know what’s inside your heart.

But it seems like these past few days, you’ve forgotten who you are. You’ve forgotten the name I gave you.


Come here, let me give you a hug. You failed? That’s normal, you’re a human being. You want to cry? Yes, go on. Cry it out loud. You want to shout? Go ahead, shout it all out. But after that remember I’m always here, I got your back no matter what. You’re a gift and I never see you as a failure and a weak human, instead I see you as a precious one. That no matter how many times you stumble, you can still get up and fight again.

So come here, in my cares. I’ll wipe those tears and remind how beautiful it is to be you.


I am your Father and I take a full responsibility of all things about you.

I am not here to make lots of promises instead I’m here to let you know what commitment is all about. You can assure that what we have is not just a relationship but a stable relationship continuing to grow despite of all the heartaches and trials. Ours is different, we are a better version from tomorrow. We grow in love, every victory and every downfalls.

Find time to seek and know me better. Let’s have an intimate relationship where you can trust me about you past, present and future. Don’t be afraid. Believe me this love will last because I am not that guy for fails and forgets. I am real.

How can you forget the kind of love who chooses to still embrace you even in your most sinful hour?


Release yourself as I released you from everything the enemies planted in your heart. It’s your turn my dear, release and forgive yourself too.

Choose the path I lived and follow me. I will meet you wherever you are because I want you back in my arms. I’ll took you from the darkest night and draw me to my light.

You are strong so I’m giving you the freedom you deserve.

Follow me my daughter.



You are amazing, dazzling, and extra-ordinary.

You are radiant. You’re beautiful. You are a blessing.

You are a girl,

And you need ME.

You’re gorgeous when you smile, enticing when you are in love. So very enticing in my love.

My daughter you’re everything, you’re worth fighting for, you’re worth waiting for and you deserve all the respect in this world. You are pursued.

Your beauty substances. Live it. Show it.

When you finally understand that you are beautiful despite your scars, you will start to live a secured identity. And when you are finally secured, you will start to express love, the kind of love that this world needs.

Then, you are choosing to love and to be genuinely loved.


You’re my sunshine after the rain, my dream, you’re the one who makes this heart beat so fast and simply you make me feel so inspired. You moved my every time you believe in Me.

I want us to be together-forever. I want to live in you. Sharing your every experiences and decisions with me. Telling me every steps you are planning to do and to share your happiness and even disappointments. I want you to feel you are loved.

No, I am not interested to the girl you think you are supposed to be, because I know you. I want intimacy with the real you, the truest you.

Make me enough in your life. May you be satisfied in me as you found a peace in you heart.

And I will continually dash after you. I will not stay as the God of your Sunday mornings, but as the pursuer of your heart.

You are mine. You are forgiven. You are a woman.

And I love you, eternally and forever.

Princess Dulaca



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