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HAIR FOOD CO: Your Source Of Healthy Hair Days

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair. – Audrey Hepburn

Do you feel that you’re always having a bad hair day? Is your hair feeling so dry, dull and frizzy?

Don’t you worry, Hair Food Co is the answer to those problems. They will be your source of healthy hair days.

In line with this, I will personally introduced you to these three (3) products I personally love.

I got these at @hairfoodco ‘s branch at SM Megamall.


This Cacai Hairbrush is not your typical comb because it will absolutely transforms your hair in every brush. Sound exciting, right?

YES! This brush will sure excites you even more because it has an easy grip handle that perfectly suits in you. Plus it have two kind of bristles; the sort bristles that smoothens hair cuticle and a long bristles that detangles the hair. It is really an on-the-go detangler. You can also use this even when hair is wet and it show you and absolute fast results. After brushing your hair using the Cacai hairbrush it will make your hair even smoother, softer and shinier.


Is your hair feeling frizzy? This moisture bomb is really for you because it will give your hair the proper hydration that will make your hair shine. This hair serum has THE POWERFUL 7-in 1 BENEFITS OF CACAI MOISTURE BOMB.

Ultimate Hydration


Extra Volume

Cuticle Protector




So what are you waiting for grab one now. For better results, use with Cacai Detangler Brush.


This may be little but is full of amazing hair nutrients that will help your hair. This oil is from Japan and originally called as Japanese Camellia Oil. In Japan, girls use this to nourish their hair and skin overnight. Take note, you can also apply this in your skin.

If you have a colored hair or if your so many split end there, give this product a try.

Here are the benefits of this Tsubaki Oil

Amazing Moisturizer, Anti-Aging Elixir, Skin Softener, Anti-Acne, Moisturizes Nails & Cuticles, Good Leave-in Conditioner, Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Sun Protection, Strengthens, Nourishes & Moisturizes Hair, Makeup Remover, Repair Damaged Skin and Foot Treatment

Wow! This Oil is really amazing!


Cacai Hairbrush = 384.00

Cacai Moisture Bomb = 395.00 for 60ml

Tsubaki Oil = 565.00 for 30ml

IT WAS A STEAL FOR ME!!! I got this on a BUNDLE with a DISCOUNT!

ALL THESE PRODUCTS I got them for 1,200.00 only. Not bad! Not really!

I’m totally lovin’ these trio. If you like to have your own you can visit HAIR FOOD CO ‘s Website and Instagram account.

They also have other branches here in the Philippines. Yehey! Let’s all give our hair some extra care. ♥

Princess Dulaca



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