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The Gingerbread House PH Tagaytay Travel Guide


Yes you are not dreaming! A Gingebread House is really here and you can find it at the city of Tagaytay. I’m sure kids and kids at heart will absolutely like this place. As part of it, adults and young adults will also enjoy this Ginger Bread House of Tagaytay.

Gingerbread House is a bakery, coffee shop and a theme park. They offer assistance for fieldtrips and the like. A whole family and a group of friends can also visit the place. As of now their entrance fee is 50PHP. This is a very cheap price for a very big theme park. Gingerbread House is open from Mondays to Sundays from 8:00AM up to 6:00PM. The whole park is very “instagrammable” or le’s say very much perfect for photo shoots and fun shoots. Plus it is also great to find something new at Tagaytay.


Inside Gingerbread House you can see different beautiful amenities. They have a segment where big dream catchers and dream quotations are located. They also have a large photos of gingerbread and even a large gingerbread house. As part of it, the theme park also offers a area where you can dine and eat you meryenda. They have perfect spot where you can buy different sweet food.

Let me show you different photos of what you can expect inside:

Mr. and Mrs Gingerbread is also waiting for you.

This spot is really cute. If only you can really lay down and sleep there, that would be very nice.

Inside the theme park, they also have this big Gingerbread House where you can get inside and buy some food and stuffs.

On the other side is Bobby and Betty ware waving while waiting for you to come inside their little sweet house.

You can also visit and play at their Candy Village.

Or maybe you can relax while sitting in these two beautiful chairs.

Oooops! You can also sit here and feel like you are the queen of the Gingerbread House.

And maybe you can visit this part where love is really in the air and have some photos with this beautiful back draft.

These and a lot more inside the Gingerbread House. For sure kids and adults will have so much fun.



This theme park is located at Palumlum, Alfonso, Cavite and almost 3 hours away from Metro Manila.

For Commuters

You may ride a bus going to Nasugbu Batangas and drop off to SPLENDIDO (the nearest landmark). From there you can ride a tricycle to go inside the main Barangay Palumlum.

For Private Cars

From Tagaytay Rotonda, you can turn right going to Nasugbu Highway and turn another right at Alilio Drive. After this you can turn left to Matagbak – Palumlum Rd. The theme park is located on the right side.



You can do walk in or book at their FACEBOOK PAGE or you can call 0917 630 3124.

Follow them also on their Social Media accounts for the latest news, offers and promotions.



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