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When In Taiwan: Eating Poop at Modern Toilet

When we went to Taiwan last May, it is really one of my bucket lists to visit and try Modern Toilet. I’ve seen a lot of food blogs and videos about this restaurant. It is even part of the “Most Weirdest Restaurant All Over The World“. Can you believe that? Or I must ask you if, would you dare to eat your breakfast, lunch or dinner here?

Good thing a branch of Modern Toilet at Ximending is just near our Hotel so it is not so hassle for me to go to the place. We went at around lunch time and there are a lot of people. Mostly are also Filipinos and some are from other countries as well.


Modern Toilet is indeed one of the unique restaurants in the world. They first launched last May 2014 and a lot of people from Taiwan got curious about them and what they are offering. Being said, they became famous even outside Taiwan as well.

They have different branches all over Taiwan:

Toilet-Taipei Ximen – 2F, No 7,Ln 50,Xining S. Rd., Taipei City

Toilet-Taichung Yijhong – 2F., No.96, Sec.3,Sanmin Rd., North Dist, Taichung City 404, Taiwan(R.O.C.)

Toilet-Taipei Shilin – 2F., No.173, Wenlin Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


As said in their restaurant name which is “Modern Toilet”, the whole concept and design of the whole place is about “toilet” itself. From the exterior design and most especially up to the interior part of it. When I went to Taiwan, I visited their Ximen branch and outside you can see a really big replica of a toilet bowl pertaining to Modern Toilet. Since the branch has three (3) floors. The first floor consist of different designs such as bath tab, poop stuff toys and another smaller version of a toilet bowl and a lot more.

More toilet bowls are at the second and third floor of the restaurant!!!

The concept may be weird to some but it looks really funny and very creative. The concept is indeed amazing, unique and very fun.


Modern Toilet offers wide range of food, from noodles to heavy meals, drinks and even desserts. The price may be somewhat expensive compared to other restaurants in Taiwan but I must say that they offer such a delicious set of foods.

We know that some themed restaurants are not so good when it comes to the taste of their meals. Yet this themed restaurant is an exception!

Plus factor is that their plating is really unique as well. Most of their meals are placed in a toilet bowl. They also have pancakes with ice cream that looks like poop. When you see it, you may think thrice on trying the food but yes it is worth it!


Modern Toilet is a must visit at Taiwan.

To know mode details about them, online reservations and a lot more. Just visit their website to be updated and CLICK HERE.

You may also follow them on their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM account to know more about their soon to be promos!

As part of it, you may also book a meal voucher in advance at KLOOK. They offer a much cheaper way to enjoy Modern Toilet’s foods at their Shilin branch! Do you want to know more about the MEAL Voucher? Don’t worry JUST CLICK HERE!

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