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A Day In Intramuros: Rediscover Manila’s Historical Walled City

If you are looking to a cool day trip to hang out with your family and friends, then the Historical Wall City or Intramuros  will be a perfect spot.

I’ve been in Intramuros, wayback 2006 (if I am not mistaken). It was for a field trip when I was in preparatory. I cannot recall all the details before but I will always remember this place as a City inside a wall. A place that is full of so much learning about the history of the Philippines.

Fast forward on today, I returned to Intramuros with my boyfriend. Apparently our schedule is really just to have a confession at Quiapo Church. But because confession is not available on Sunday. We ended up just attending the mass and have our Sunday date at this historical place.

Alright so much for that. Let’s talk about this Intramuros day trip we had.

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Route 1: Jeep

  1. From Quiapo, ride a jeep to Pier.
  2. Get off at Intramuros. Landmark is Palacio del Gobernador.

Route 2: Jeep

  1. From Rizal Ave. or Divisoria, ride a jeep to Baclaran/Mabini or Lawton/SM City Hall.
  2. Get off at Intramuros. Landmarks are Manila City Hall, National Museum, and Philippine Normal University.

Route 3: Jeep

  1. From Quiapo, ride a jeep to Lawton/SM City Hall, and get off at Manila City Hall.
  2. Cross the street using the underpass, away from Manila City Hall towards Intramuros.

Route 4: Jeep

  1. From UST-Dapitan/Blumentritt, ride a jeep to Lawton/SM City Hall, and get off at Manila City Hall.
  2. Cross the street using the underpass, away from Manila City Hall towards Intramuros.


The whole Intramuros is big so there are different places you can really visit.

Just an information, upon entering Intramuros there are a lot of “pedicab” drivers who are waiting outside. They will as a tour guide and your service as well. The price is around 150PHP each person good for 30 minutes only. SO if you exceeded the first 30 minutes you need to pay an additional 150PHP again. Yet it depende on the tour guide that you’ll encounter. Just remember to be careful and be aware.

Yet if you are in a tight budget just like us, we decided to really walk inside Intramuros. Upon walking we passed by on these following Historical sights that you can really visit and explore.

You can also ride a “pedicab” or a motorcycle going to your destination or you can ride the “Kalesa”.

First is Manila Cathedral.

The next one is Plaze de Roma.

During the Spanish times, the plaza was considered as the center if the city where public events are held.

When we visit the plaza today, there are different stalls there where you can buy locally made souvenirs and other stuffs and as well as food.

The third one is San Agustin Church and Casa Manila that is located just across the church. Entrence fee us 75PHP per head.

The lost spot we visited was FORT SANTIAGO.

Here is my photo just in front of the main gate if Fort Santiago. So you can shop here and at the same time take some pictures.

Fort Santiago is open from 9AM to 7PM and the entrance fee is 75PHP for Adult and 50PHP for students.

So if you’re still a student, never forget to bring your school ID for proper verification.


This is what can you see upon entering.

I am amazed by this. Yet I know there are so many old spots inside Fort Santiago. So let’s keep going.

This is the main entrance going to Fort Santiago proper. As you can see there are also couple doing their prenuptial photo shoot. Yes, you can do it here. If you want something old and historical you can consider this place also.

Most of the views inside can be seen in Yotube video. I’ll put the link here once it’s up.

We took almost half an hour to roam around and take pictures and videos. It’s super hot so I prefer and suggest that if you’ll go here maybe the perfect time is 8AM sharp or at around 3PM up to 7PM. Yet if you’re schedule is really on the hottest part of the day do’t forget to bring you umbrellas and water.

I just want to share also a painting on the wall outside the Fort Santiago proper.

It was hot that time that’s why I have a weird eyes and smile. Sorry about that but I do love the painting.

There are a lot more different and unique spots inside Fort Santiago so you will absolutely enjoy your day.


I can feel the thirst and starve specially after a long walk under a Mr. Sun. Don’t worry there are vendors inside the sell water and there is also a cafeteria that offers lunch, merianda and even desserts. So you don’t have to worry.

After roaming around the gardens, we finally left Intramuros feeling happy and accomplished!

Despite the short period of time, I must say we covered some interesting places and fascinating history.

It’s always great to look back and know some significant part of Philippine history.

Princess Dulaca



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