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5 Reasons To Try and Love About PRESOTEA

I cannot hide it, I am indeed a milk tea lover! That’s why when I first heard of PRESOTEA, I cannot hide my excitement to try their products.

PRESOTEA originated from Taiwan and is very much well-known because of their good products. In line with that they also have different branches from other countries as well. Presotea is now here in the Philippines to introduce the world’s first premium tea brewing process. They use an espresso machine which is inspired by the Western technology and Eastern tea culture.

Now I’ll be sharing you five (5) reasons to try and love about Presotea.


Who would not love a drink that is fresh, because me, I am into fresh drinks. A freshly brewed tea will help you be more productive, may protect against bone loss and lower risk of death from heart disease. Having a freshly brewed tea also prevent the development of skin tumors and ward off Parkinson’s disease and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. There are really so much benefits of having fresh teas.


As what I mentioned above, their tea bases are all freshly brewed. According to their website, “Fresh Tea Brewed to Order Everytime” and in this case you can really make sure that your drinks are all healthy and with no so much preservatives. Remember that a fresh brewed tea is good for the brain, bones heart and skin. This only means that Presotea’s drinks are all healthy.


Having so much health benefits and the idea of being fresh when serve, Presotea still offers the best price. They make sure to not compromise the taste and health benefits even though their prices are not so high. If you’ll compare the benefits and prices to others, you’ll absolutely see why Presotea is one of the bests.


Presotea both offered “Brew To Order Specialty Tea” and “Fruit Tea”. Their milk teas are well balanced when it comes to the taste of the tea, milk and the right amount of sweetness. On the other hand, their fruit teas are all refreshing because all are made with real fruits and not through powdered juices. On this way, it made their drinks really delicious and perfect to make you feel refresh.


This is very important because it gives each customers a vibe of being more relax while having their favorite Presotea drinks.

If you haven’t tried Presotea yet, make sure you do very soon! I know you’ll be able to remember this 5 reasons to try and love about Presotea. You can now visit Presotea’s Robinsons Magnolia and SM Cherry Shaw branches. They also have an upcoming additional branch to open at SM Marikina.

Follow them also on their social media accounts to get more updates about their promos.

Facebook: Presotea.Ph
Twitter: PresoteaPH


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